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Most people don't know too much about diamonds. If you're looking for a place where you can get thorough engagement ring education, you should stop by Isy's Fine Jewelry in Odessa, TX. We provide all our customers with unbiased diamond grading reports and always take the time to answer their questions.

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Learn the 4 Cs of diamonds

Learn the 4 Cs of diamonds

Most marketers put their highest-quality diamonds front and center. While these pieces are beautiful, they can often be cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, our diamond education experts can help you get the greatest value for your money. We start by exploring the four Cs of diamonds:

  1. Cut-cut has the greatest influence on the diamond's sparkle
  2. Color-the less color there is in a diamond, the more expensive it is
  3. Clarity-clarity isn't as important since most imperfections are microscopic
  4. Carat-carat refers to the total weight of the diamond
We specialize in engagement ring education. Our owner even attended the Texas Institute of Jewelry at PJC, one of the top jewelry schools in the U.S. You can trust us to help you make an informed decision about a diamond. Visit us today to familiarize yourself with the basics of diamonds.